Reporting / Evaluations
(Modul CTR+)

Transparent presentation of costs and usage information within a central web portal.

Harmonized presentation of the costs of various network operators/suppliers to simplify cost controlling.

Comprehensive reporting portfolio to display different reporting requirements.

Detailed evaluation possibilities for cost control and optimization.

Visualization of developments for individual business areas.

Display of customer-specific organizational.

Specification of the available granularity in relation to the viewable level of details for different user profiles.

Integration of customer master data for the internal cost allocation.

Flexible extension for the integration of new network operators or business units.

Integration of various invoice formats into structured electronic file formats.

Definition of the level of anonymization with regard to personal data.

Data-processing according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Separate app to provide user-related reports to end-users.

Specification of the group of persons authorized to access and the administrators authorized for administration.

Support for different authentication methods.

Secure access with common web browser via the internet.