Invoice data process­ing
(Modul CTR)

Processing of structured electronic invoices.

Processing of structured additional information related to the invoice.

Extensive audit by integrating various aspects.

Audit of agreed conditions, defined thresholds and permitted services.

Individual customer-oriented adjustments of processing possible.

Creation of batch input files to support accounting process and data exchange with standard financial modules.

Internal re-rating/re-billing using customer-own tariff and pricing models.

Creation of batch input files to support accounting process.

Provision in customer-specific formats for the accounting systems.

Provision of the original data to the customer for archiving purposes.

Creation of PDF visualization based on original data.

Preparation of relevant cost-/usage reports in the reporting portal.

Evaluation of the data according to specified criteria.

Inclusion of additional data/invoice sources possible.

Clarification of invoicing discrepancies with the network operator/supplier.

Clarification of any data inconsistencies with the customer.