Contract Manage­ment
(Modul CTO)

CTO manages all assets.

Use of customer terminology and terms when entering orders.

CTO can address multiple suppliers per individual order and monitors individual executions.

Connection to the current used IT systems on the customer side and integration into existing processes.

CTO manages all telecommunication contracts.

Feedback will be made available for the invoice verification.

Reception of corresponding requests / orders from external systems.

Connecting any number of network operators, suppliers and service providers.

All business cases are recorded, managed, documented and historified in the form of orders.

Provision of a self-care environment for end users to handle ordering processes independently.

Verifying of all order elements including relevant customer master data.

Provision of an "expert environment" for centrally manage and handle business processes.

Transformation of the order items into an order that is ready for production for the network operator/supplier.

Transmission of a order to the relevant network operator / supplier with status messages up to the final confirmation.

Exchange of orders and status information either via B2B interface or by exchanging structured files.

Conversion of all feedbacks into the internal formats and provisioning for the triggering systems.

Storage and archiving of data, and other functions possible.

Provision of product and service catalogues.

Historicization of all processes.

Perennial research of the past.